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NJ-NY Litigation Package PLUS - 13 Course Package
NJ-NY Litigation Package PLUS - 13 Course Package


Audio CDs and Course Books

The Following 13 Courses Are Included:

Eliminating Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Bias in the Legal Profession

* Gender Bias In The Legal Profession

Legal Ethics Collection

E-Filing In New York State Courts: Procedures, Problems, Recent Caselaw

Expert Witnesses: Effective Direct And Cross Examinations

Forensic Evidence: Uses And Disuse Through Trial

New York COVID-19 Tolls: What You Need To Know (2 NY Professional Practice Credits)**

Jury Selection: Effective Tactics

Motion Practice Update (February 11, 2021)

Motor Vehicle Accident Litigation In New York: Serious Injury, Liability, SUM Coverage

New York Civil Evidence: A Useful Caselaw Review

“Rambo” Litigation Tactics: Recognize And Outmaneuver

Virtual Depositions: How To Excel In The Remote Environment

*This Package is our Litigation Concentrated Package PLUS Gender Bias to satisfy the NEW! NJ 2-Credit D&I requirement.

**New York COVID-19 Tolls: What You Need To Know. We may only issue a New York Certificate for this program. For credit in New Jersey you will need to follow the New Jersey Self-Application process here:

Price: $514.00

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