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New York's Revised Professional Conduct Rule 8.4(g)
New York's Revised Professional Conduct Rule 8.4(g)


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Effective June 10, 2022, New York revised Rule 8.4(g) of its Rules of Professional Conduct, which deals with misconduct for discrimination or harassment. In this one-hour, July 14, 2022 program, Patrick M. Connors, Esquire, explains the relevant provisions of the prior New York Rule, the related ABA Model Rule and the revised New York Rule, and the historical development of each. Significantly, he also provides useful and practical suggestions, tips, and warnings.

Mr. Connors is the Albert and Angela Farone Distinguished Professor In New York Civil Practice at Albany Law School, where he teaches, inter alia, Legal Ethics. He is also a member of the New York State Bar Association's Committee on Professional Ethics and a highly-respected speaker, author, frequent expert witness, and consultant on attorney ethics.

Due to the importance of this revised Rule, every New York lawyer will want to hear what this leading authority has to say about this topic essential to their practice.

Major topics include:
Development of New York's original Rule 8.4(g) and the ABA Model Rule 8.4(g)
New York's Amended Rule 8.4(g)
- March 19, 2021 request for public comment
- new Rule 8.4(g), amended effective June 10, 2022
New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion 1111 (2017)
COSAC Proposal To Amend Rule 8.4(g) of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct

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