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Trying A Case: Winning Strategies
Trying A Case: Winning Strategies


Audio CDs and Course Book

In this 2.1-hour, October 4, 2021 course, William E. Curphey III, Esquire, gives useful advice about trying a case. After over forty years of actually, and successfully, doing so, he has valuable practice tips and warnings you will want to hear if you are an attorney who goes to court.

Mr. Curphey is the managing partner of Curphey & Badger P.A. with offices in Clearwater, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. His experience encompasses jury trials for corporate defendants and plaintiffs alike, in both federal and state courts. He has also served as an adjunct professor on labor and employment law at Stetson College of Law and the University of South Florida Graduate School of Business.

Major topics include:
Gaining experience
What is the case about?
Contacting opposing counsel
Motions and discovery
Before and during trial
Voir dire, jury consultants, mock juries
Courtroom demeanor and attire

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