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Professional Conduct: What Not To Do In Practice
Professional Conduct: What Not To Do In Practice


Audio CDs and Course Book

Professional conduct (also referred to as professionalism or civility) in the practice of law has become a concern, so much so that some states now have a professionalism CLE requirement.

This important one-hour August 16, 2021 program explores the meaning and application of "professionalism." In it, Hope A. Comisky, Esquire gives recent useful examples of reported unprofessional conduct, the actions taken by the presiding bodies, the relevant ethics rules which were violated, and how these cases affected the lawyers, the clients, and the reputation of the judicial system overall.

Ms. Comisky is a member of the Philadelphia, PA law firm of Griesing Law LLC, where she chairs the Ethics & Professional Responsibility practice group as well as the Employment practice. Previously, she was Counsel Emeritus and Chair of the Professional Responsibility Committee for a law firm of over 1150 lawyers. Ms. Comisky has also taught Professional Responsibility at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

Major topics include:
- Unreasonable objections to extension request
- Unprofessional language angers judge
- Annoyance lawyer is disciplined
- Today is not Groundhog Day
- Breakdown in civility
- Frustration is no excuse
- Don't try to hide it
- Improper billing
- Benefits of civility

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