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Eyewitness Unintentional False Testimony
Eyewitness Unintentional False Testimony


Audio CDs and Course Book

An increasing number of states are adopting or broadening jury instructions to set forth scientifically-accepted factors relating to eyewitness recall and testimony. In this March 1, 2021, 1.5-hour program, Florina Altshiler, Esquire, a partner in the law firm of Russo & Gould LLP with offices in Buffalo, New York and New York City, provides practical techniques to address issues with eyewitness unintentional false testimony.

Ms. Altshiler identifies the many variables that contribute to post-event memory contamination. Memory and perception are complex and occur in stages. At each stage a variety of factors may affect and alter a witness's memory of events. These effects can happen without the witness even being aware of it. It is important to clearly identify these variables during discovery and at trial.

Ms. Altshiler has many years of experience in this topic and in jury selection, as both the lead attorney in many civil trials and as an Assistant District Attorney in criminal trials.

Major topics include:
Issues with Memory and Examples
Memory Is Complex
United States v. Wade
New Jersey v. Henderson
Factors For Jury Instructions and State Examples
Misidentification of Ronald Cotton
Influences On Memory
Focus Affects Perception
Practical Questions To Prevent False Testimony

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