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Expert Witnesses: Effective Direct And Cross Examinations
Expert Witnesses: Effective Direct And Cross Examinations


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Expert witnesses can be key to winning a case. In this January 15, 2021 1-hour presentation, Florina Altshiler, a partner in the law firm of Russo & Gould LLP, which has offices in Buffalo, New York and New York City, gives a useful guide to handling the direct examination of your expert and the cross-examination of your opponent's expert.

Ms. Altshiler has many years of litigation experience. She has been both the lead attorney in many civil trials and an Assistant District Attorney in criminal trials. In those capacities, she has conducted direct and cross examinations of many experts.

Major topics include:
- Direct examination of an expert
introduce: why are you here?
qualification questions
is the expert qualified: Frye and Daubert hearings
rendering the opinion
the expert as a teacher: presentation best practices
use of exhibits
many practical tips
- Cross examination of an expert
finding weaknesses in the expert's opinion
illustrating the invalidity of the expert's methodology
many practical tips

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