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“Rambo” Litigation Tactics: Recognize And Outmaneuver
“Rambo” Litigation Tactics:  Recognize And Outmaneuver


Audio CDs and Course Book

Unfortunately, from time to time you might encounter an opposing attorney who uses "Rambo" style tactics. If so, you should always be on your guard to be sure that he/she is not pulling any unfair tricks. In this January 15, 2021 1.5-hour presentation, Florina Altshiler, a partner in the law firm of Russo & Gould LLP, which has offices in Buffalo, New York and New York City, provides a summary of the things you will want to watch out for and gives important suggestions of how to deal with them.

Mrs. Altshiler has many years of litigation experience as both the lead attorney in many civil trials and as an Assistant District Attorney in criminal trials. She has dealt with her share of "Rambo" type litigators.

Major topics include:
- Discovery Generally
insure you get all of the discovery you need
interrogatories; documents; demands and objections; motions to compel; motions
to squash; spoliation; expert witnesses; corporate witnesses
- Depositions
improper objections; coaching; use the courthouse; virtual depositions; videotape
depositions; directions to not answer
- Communications Issues

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