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New York Civil Evidence: A Useful Caselaw Review
New York Civil Evidence: A Useful Caselaw Review


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In this 3.3-hour March 17, 2020 program, Michael J. Hutter, Esquire, provides a practical review and explanation of the significant cases relating to key issues of civil litigation in New York.

Mr. Hutter is Professor of Law at Albany Law School, where he received the 2015 Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is also Special Counsel to the Albany, New York law firm of Powers & Santola, LLP. Importantly, Professor also served as Reporter for the New York Unified Court System Guide To NY Evidence Committee, which has released its "Guide to NY Evidence" for use by New York lawyers and can be found HERE.

Major topics:
Procedural Concerns
- court control over trial
- spoliation
- objections
Proof Shortcuts
- res ipsa loquitar
- presumptions
Relevance And Its Limits
- basic rule
- habit rule
- Mollineux and prior acts
- excluding relevant evidence
- exclusion
- examination
- impeachment
- missing witness
- hearsay?
- party admission exception
- prior inconsistent statement exception
- excited utterance/ present sense impression exceptions
- past recollection recorded
- business record exception
- hospital and medical records
- statements of physical condition and cause thereof
Expert Testimony
- generally
- appropriate subject matter
- qualifications
- bases
- Frye reliability
- Fifth Amendment
- attorney-client
- attorney work-product and materials prepared in anticipation of litigation
- spousal
- physician-patient
Non-Testimonial Proof
- generally
- authentication
- best evidence

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