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Powers Of Appointment: Planning And Drafting This Remarkable Device
Powers Of Appointment: Planning And Drafting This Remarkable Device


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"The power of appointment is the most efficient dispositive device that the ingenuity of Anglo-American lawyers has ever worked out." [W. Barton Leach, Powers of Appointment, 24 A.B.A.J. 807 (1938)]

In this important January 3, 2020, 1.6-hour (100 minute) program learn why a power of appointment is so remarkable, when and how to use it, and much more, including planning and drafting. Many helpful sample clauses are included.

Speaker Ira Mark Bloom, Esquire, is the Justice David Josiah Brewer Distinguished Professor of Law at Albany Law School. He is a nationally-recognized authority on this topic.

Major topics are:
Definition Of Power Of Appointment ("POA") And Why It Is So Important
Basic Federal Tax Rules For POAs
Non-Tax Aspects Of POAs
- definitions
- categories
- powerholder issues
- permissible appointees
- drafting to get a basis stepup
- time when the power is exercisable
- issues involving the creation of the POA
Possible Drafting Provisions When Creating The POA
- general provisions
- issues involving the exercise
- default rules
- creditors' rights
Delaware Tax Trap

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