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Professionalism For Florida Attorneys
Professionalism For Florida Attorneys


DVD and Course Book

In this valuable 50-minute, April 10, 2019 course, William E. Curphey III, Esquire, provides a useful explanation of the rules, procedures, etc., governing the increasingly important topic of professionalism of lawyers in Florida. Mr. Curphey is the managing partner of Curphey & Badger P.A., with offices in Clearwater, Florida and other locations.

Major topics include:
What is professionalism?
The development of professionalism in Florida
"Professionalism" ideals are included in key Florida Bar documents
Rules regulating the Florida Bar upon which disciplinary action is usually based for unprofessionalism
Informative cases
Attorney Consumer Assistance Program (ACAP)
Local professionalism panels
Broward County (17th Judicial Circuit) Professionalism and Civility Magistrate Pilot Program
Henry Latimer Center for Professionalism
Examples of unprofessionalism and helpful suggestions of how to deal with them

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