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New York Torts
New York Torts


DVDs and Course Book

In this June 22, 2018, 3.3-hour program, Michael J. Hutter, Esquire, provides a comprehensive and practical review of torts in the State of New York. Mr. Hutter is Professor of Law at Albany Law School, where he has been honored with the Excellence In Teaching Award. He is also Special Counsel to the Albany, New York law firm of Powers & Santola, LLP.

Major topics include:
Negligence actions generally
- basis of liability
- comparative fault
- negligence vs. breach of contract
Negligence actions
- animal liability
- premises liability
- contractor liability
- municipal liability
Negligence vs. medical malpractice; pharmacist liability
Legal malpractice
Torts other than negligence
New causes of action?
Proof Issues
- res ipsa loquitar
- presumptions
- internal rules
- spoliation

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