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Litigating In New York State's Commercial Division
Litigating In New York State's Commercial Division


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Attorneys with any involvement litigating in the New York Supreme Court Commercial Division will want to hear this outstanding program by Patrick M. Connors, Esq., widely acknowledged as the leading expert on New York Practice. In this 3.3-hour August 20, 2015 program, Professor Connors covers the history and purpose of the Commercial Division, its thresholds, types of cases permitted, and more. He then provides a practical and useful explanation of many of the Rules of the Commercial Division, including valuable tips and warnings.

Patrick M. Connors is Professor of Law at Albany Law School and Visiting Scholar in Residence at Touro Law School during the 2015 fall semester. He teaches New York Practice at both schools.

Major topics are:
Section 202.70: Rules of the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court
- development of the Rules
- purpose of the Commercial Division: monetary thresholds; types of cases; filings; transfers
in and out
- cases
Rules of Practice
Rule 1: Appearance by Counsel with Knowledge and Authority
Rule 2: Settlements and Discontinuances
Rule 3: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Rule 4: Electronic Submission of Papers
Rules 5 and 6: Form of Papers; More
Rule 7: Preliminary Conference; Request
Rule 8: Consultation prior to Preliminary and Compliance Conferences
Rule 9: Accelerated Adjudication Actions
Rule 10: Submission of Information
Rule 11: Discovery
Rule 11-a: Interrogatories
Rule 11-b: Privilege Logs
Rule 11-c: Discovery of Electronically Stored Information
Rule 11-d: Limitations on Depositions
Rule 11-e: Responses and Objections to Document Requests
Rule 12: Non-appearance at Conference
Rule 13: Adherence to Discovery Schedule; Expert Disclosure
Rule 14: Disclosure Disputes
Rule 15: Adjournments of Conferences
Rule 16: Motions in General
Rules 17 - 21, 23, 24 and 34
Guidelines for Discovery of ESI from Nonparties

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