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IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts): Traditional vs. Roth

  Length 1.5 Hours
Date 10/27/16

Table of Contents

In this 90-minute, October 27, 2016 presentation, Mark A. Krasner, Esquire, explains the background, history, and key features of Traditional and Roth IRAs. He explains the similarities and differences, including key factors to consider when deciding between the two IRA options. Mr. Krasner is a founding partner in the La Jolla, California-based law firm of Blanchard Krasner and French, where his practice includes tax and estate planning. BKF recently opened a second office in Reno, Nevada.

Major topics include:
Background and History Of Roth & Traditional IRAs
Similarities and Differences

-Contribution Limitations & Deductibility
-Tax Treatment of Contributions & Distributions
-Required Distributions
-Rollovers & Conversions
Choosing Between a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA
Bankruptcy and IRAs
IRAs vs. 401(k)
Recent IRA News and Updates

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