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New York COVID-19 Tolls: What You Need To Know
New York COVID-19 Tolls: What You Need To Know


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Due to COVID-19, the Governor of New York issued many Executive Orders tolling statutes and the Chief Administrative Judge of the Courts issued numerous Administrative Orders relating to New York Practice. These have created confusion and uncertainty among practitioners.

In this important June 6, 2022, 1.6-hour (100-minute) program, Patrick M. Connors, Esquire, widely recognized as the leading expert on New York Practice and Procedure, provides valuable guidance and clarity to this confusing area of practice. By discussing relevant CPLR provisions and cases and through helpful hypos, he gives a useful and practical explanation of how the tolling Orders apply to New York Practice and Procedure.

Mr. Connors is the Albert and Angela Farone Distinguished Professor In New York Civil Practice at Albany Law School and since 2013 is the author of Siegel & Connors, New York Practice (6th ed. 2018).

Major topics include:
Why still important; applications 52 minutes
- CPLR 201
- executive orders
- Brash v. Richards; other cases
- diversity actions in federal courts in New York
- helpful hypos
- useful answers to submitted questions
Causes of action accruing outside of New York 6 minutes
- CPLR 202
- Cavalry SPV I, LLC v. King
CPLR 5513: Time to take appeal, cross-appeal or move for permission to appeal 1 minute
CPLR 5514: Extension of time to take appeal or move for permission to appeal 4 minutes
CPLR 7503: Application to compel or stay arbitration; stay of action; notice of intention to arbitrate 1 minute
CPLR 7510: Confirmation of award 3 minutes
CPLR 2004: Extensions of time generally 7 minutes
CPLR 306-b: Service of the summons and complaint, summons with notice, third-party summons and complaint, or petition with a notice of petition or order to show cause 4 minutes
CPLR 3212(a): Time; kind of action 10 minutes
CPLR 3211: Motion to dismiss 9 minutes
CPLR 5003-a: Prompt payment following settlement 3 minutes

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