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New York CPLR Update 2021: Part 2
New York CPLR Update 2021: Part 2


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On November 15, 2021, Patrick M. Connors, Esquire, who is widely recognized as the leading expert on New York Practice and Procedure – including the New York Civil Practice Law And Rules (“CPLR”) – gave three one-hour presentations on the important CPLR developments during 2021. These three practical programs are offered both individually and as New York CPLR Update Parts 1, 2 and 3 Combined. This is Part 2.

You will earn CLE credit by completing EITHER this individual program OR that compilation. You may not earn CLE credit for BOTH this program and the 3-hour compilation.

Patrick M. Connors is the Albert and Angela Farone Distinguished Professor in New York Civil Practice at Albany Law School where he teaches, inter alia, New York Practice and Procedure. Among his many accomplishments, Professor Connors is the co-author of New York Practice 6th Edition, which is known as “The Bible” on New York civil procedure.

If you practice before civil courts in New York, you will not want to miss this valuable presentation.

Major topics include:
CPLR 2214. Motion papers; service; time
CPLR 2215. Relief demanded by other than moving party
CPLR 2219. Time and form of order
CPLR 2221. Motion affecting prior order
CPLR 2304. Motion to quash, fix conditions or modify
CPLR 2309. Oaths and affirmations
CPLR 3001. Declaratory judgment
CPLR 3012. Service of pleadings and demand for complaint
CPLR 3012-a. Certificate of merit in medical, dental and podiatric malpractice actions
CPLR 3014. Statements
CPLR 3015. Particularity as to specific matters
CPLR 3016. Particularity in specific actions
CPLR 3018. Responsive Pleadings
CPLR 3025. Amended and supplemental pleadings
CPLR 3101. Scope of Disclosure
CPLR 3101(d)(1)(i). Scope of Disclosure; Trial preparation; Experts
CPLR 3106. Priority of depositions; witnesses; prisoners; designation of deponent
CPLR 3113. Conduct of the examination
CPLR 3115. Objections to qualification of person taking deposition; competency; questions and answers

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