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Trade Secrets
Trade Secrets


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Trade secrets are an extremely valuable asset in many businesses. In this interesting November 3, 2017 3.3-hour presentation, Michael J. Hutter, Esquire, gives a useful overview of this important topic. He is a Professor of Law at Albany Law School, Albany, New York, where his courses include trade secrets, and is also Special Counsel to the Albany, NY law firm of Powers & Santola, LLP.

Major topics:

Trade Secrets Defined
Importance Of Safeguarding Information As A Trade Secret
Sources Of Protection
Choice Of Law
Protectable Trade Secret Under UTSA and DTSA
- elements and protectable subject matter
- economic value
- reasonable precautions
Misappropriation Under UTSA and DTSA
- presence of misappropriation
- acquisition; improper means
- permissible acquisition
- proof of acquisition and use
Remedies Available For Misappropriation
- injunctive relief
- monetary relief
Protecting Trade Secrets: Prior To Litigation
Protecting Trade Secretes: Litigation

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