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E-Filing In New York Under The New (August 31, 2015) Law And Rules
E-Filing In New York Under The New (August 31, 2015) Law And Rules


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Important new legislation (chapter 237) and Rules governing electronic filings in New York State Courts became effective on August 31, 2015. In this useful December 8, 2015, 2.5-hour presentation, Patrick M. Connors, Professor of Law at Albany Law School, explains these new provisions and what they mean to your practice. Considered by many lawyers to be the leading authority on New York Practice, Professor Connors also provides many useful tips and warnings.

Major topics include:

New E-Filing legislation and rules effective August 31, 2015
- legislature expands judiciary's powers to adopt E-Filing
CPLR Article 21-A: Filing of papers in the courts by facsimile transmission and by electronic means
Administrative Orders Implementing E-Filing
CPLR 304: Method of commencing action or special proceeding
- second department rules against plaintiff who obtains index number but fails to file initiatory papers
- court invokes CPLR 2001 to forgive e-filing of incorrect initiatory papers that did not name defendant
- second department forgives mistake of commencing e-filed action on training system
- supreme court distinguishes Grskovic and refuses to forgive late E-Filing after county clerk rejected hard-copy filing
August 31, 2015 Administrative Order of the Chief Administrative Judge

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