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New York Practice And Procedure: Episode 2
New York Practice And Procedure: Episode 2


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Keeping current with continuing developments in the New York CPLR (Civil Practice Law and Rules) is vital for attorneys practicing in New York state courts. In this 2.1-hour (125 minutes) December 8, 2015 program, Patrick M. Connors, Esq. reviews and explains important recent developments in New York Civil Practice since Episode 1 (see below) was presented on August 20, 2015.

Recognized by many lawyers as the leading authority on New York Practice, Professor Connors also provides useful warnings and suggestions. He is Professor of Law at Albany Law School and was Visiting Scholar in Residence at Touro Law School during the 2015 fall semester.

NOTE: This is the second (Episode 2) of our new series of periodic programs by Professor Connors on key CPLR developments. Episode 1 was recorded on August 20, 2015. It is accessible immediately above this title on the previous web page, where full details are available.

If you practice in New York state courts, you will want to hear these useful and practical explanations, insights, tips, and warnings.

Major topics include:
CPLR 203: Method of computing periods of limitation generally
CPLR 214-a: Action for medical, dental or podiatric malpractice to be commenced within two years and six months; exceptions
CPLR 304: Method of commencing action or special proceeding
CPLR 3018: Responsive pleadings
CPLR 3211: Motion to dismiss
CPLR 3212: Motion for summary judgment
CPLR 3213: Motion for summary judgment in lieu of complaint
CPLR 5015: Relief from judgment or order
CPLR 7803: Questions raised
CPLR 7804: Procedure

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