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A Potpourri Of Useful Legal Ethics Suggestions: 4.3-Hour Edition
A Potpourri Of Useful Legal Ethics Suggestions: 4.3-Hour Edition


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NOTE: This course contains the first 3.3 hours of our shorter program entitled A Potpourri Of Useful Legal Ethics Suggestions: 3.3-Hour Edition (Course #459). It also contains, in full, our 1-hour course Common Ethics Issues When Dealing With Clients (Course #461). You will earn CLE credit by completing this course. However, most states will not grant you credit for also taking the 3.3-Hour Edition of this course or the 1-hour course, Common Ethics Issues When Dealing With Client.

In this May 29, 2015 4.3-hour (260-minute) program, Patrick M. Connors, a Professor of Law at Albany Law School, where he teaches, inter alia, Legal Ethics, provides useful suggestions on how to handle commonly encountered ethics issues in everyday law practice.

Major topics include:
Advising a criminal defendant on whether to accept a plea agreement
Outsourcing legal and support services and billing practices
Lawyer’s responsibility for another lawyer’s theft of clients funds
Lawyer’s responsibility for a nonlawyer’s theft of clients funds
Virtual law office
Does use of sign language interpreter waive attorney-client privilege?
Business transactions with client
Duties to prospective clients
Obligations to joint clients
Service of papers
Suing a current client for unpaid fees
Withdrawing from representation
Confidentiality and withdrawal

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