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New Legislation, Court Rules And Relevant Caselaw in New York State Courts
New Legislation, Court Rules And Relevant Caselaw in New York State Courts


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In this May 28, 2015 3.3-hour (200-minute) program, Patrick M. Connors, a Professor of Law at Albany Law School, where he teaches, inter alia, New York Practice, explains important recent legislative, caselaw and court rules developments in New York civil practice. Professor Connors discusses dealing with Motion Papers, Want of Prosecution, Default Judgment Applications, and much more.

Major topics include:
CPLR 2106: Affirmation of truth of statement 19 minutes
CPLR 2214: Motion papers: service; time 20 minutes
CPLR 3113: Conduct of the examination 21 minutes
CPLR 3122-a: Certification of business records 9 minutes
CPLR 3216: Want of prosecution 17 minutes
New Rules in Commercial Division of Supreme Court 35 minutes
22 N.Y.C.R.R. Section 202.5. Papers filed in court; redaction of confidential information 19 minutes
New Court Rules Governing Papers to be Submitted on Default Judgment Applications 35 minutes
CPLR 3101(d)(1)(i): Scope of Disclosure; trial preparation; experts 9 minutes
CPLR 3212: Motion for Summary Judgment; timeliness issues 7 minutes
CPLR 5222: Restraining notice; “separate entity rule” 9 minutes

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