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New York Civil Practice: Recent Developments
New York Civil Practice: Recent Developments


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In this 3.3-hour, December 16, 2014 program, Patrick M. Connors, Professor of Law at Albany Law School, reviews and explains important developments in New York Civil Practice. Professor Connors, who teaches this course at the law school, also provides useful warnings and suggestions.

CPLR 3101: Protective Orders
CPLR 3122-a: Certification Of Business Records
CPLR 3216: Want Of Prosecution
CPLR 2106: Affirmation Of Truth Of Statement By Attorney, Physician, Osteopath Or Dentist
CPLR 2309: Oath And Affirmation
CPLR 2214: Motion Papers; Service; Time
CPLR 3101: Protective Orders
CPLR 3012-b: Certificate Of Merit In Certain Residential Foreclosure Actions
CPLR 4106: Alternate Jurors
Commercial Division Of Supreme Court: Changes
Uniform Rule 202.5-bb: Electronic Filing In Supreme Court: Mandatory Program
CPLR 3211(a)(7): Pre-Answer Motion To Dismiss For Failure To State A Cause Of Action
CPLR 3212: Motion For Summary Judgment
CPLR 205(a): Six Month Extension
CPLR 2221: Motion Affecting Prior Order
CPLR 3101: Scope Of Disclosure
CPLR 213: Actions To Be Commenced Within Six Years
CPLR 214 and 214-c: Actions To Be Commenced Within Three Years; Certain Actions To Be Commenced Within Three Years Of Discovery
CPLR 304: Method Of Commencing Action Or Special Proceeding
CPLR 301: Business Corporation Law Sec. 304; CPLR 302; CPLR 3211(e): Jurisdiction Over Persons, Property Or Status; Statutory Designation Of Secretary Of State As Agent For Service Of Process; Personal Jurisdiction By Acts Of Non-Domiciliaries; Number, Time And Waiver Of Objections; Motion To Plead Over
CPLR 1007: When Third-Party Practice Allowed
CPLR 501: Contractual Provisions Fixing Practice
CPLR 505: Actions Involving Public Authorities
CPLR 2004: Extensions Of Time Generally
CPLR 3116: Signing Deposition; Physical Preparation; Copies

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